Robertson Buildings

Robertson Buildings selects only fully qualified independent design-build contractors like Van Alstine Project Management to build our custom engineered and precision manufactured building systems. The people of VPM are true construction professionals dedicated to delivering a great building experience every time. Its one of the reasons why we have recognized VPM as an outstanding partner with our Inukshuk Award.

Why do building contractors choose Robertson?

Save time
Robertson buildings can be assembled on site quickly in as much as one-third less time compared to conventional construction which means you take occupancy of the building sooner.

Save money
Besides occupying your building sooner, low manufacturing costs translate into the best value for the best price.

Superior quality
Robertson strives to be the low-cost supplier, while supplying buildings that consistently rank above industry standards in product quality.

Low life-cycle cost
Because we use superior standard products, Robertson buildings withstand the ravages of weather better. They last longer and cost less to maintain.

Flexible designs
Every building is custom designed to meet the specific needs of the owner, with the freedom to create a unique look inside and out. Flexible design means you make the most of the available space in your building.

Steel building systems include a high level of recycled materials, and accommodate thicker walls and roof insulation, contributing to greater thermal efficiency. (link to CSSBI Ducker report)

Long-term performance warranties
Were so sure Robertson buildings will perform well, we offer product and weathertightness warranties.

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